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photo: Carina Remröd

40 f

A delicate soundscape of excellence and innovation
Classical/New music/EAM
This Gothenburg based flute quartet is aiming for new meeting points in their making of music and they are mixing their works with poetry, electronics and improvisation. They have formed a unique soundscape that comes with a ”za za zu” that touches their listeners. 40f surely moves the borders of what a flute quartet could be and has gained a vast interest among composers.
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The quartet was formed in 2008 and has started a collaboration with electronica trio World Domination, and recently finished a national tour as Artists In Motion, for Swedish national organization for new music, RANK.

40f is: Ann Elkjär - flutes Jill Widén - flutes Sareidah Hildebrand - flutes Anna Svensdotter - flutes