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Dreamers' Circus

New Nordic Sounds
Classical/New music/EAMFolk/World
Danish folk music is undergoing big changes and is seen as contemporary, vibrant and attracting a new younger audience. The acoustic trio Dreamers’ Circus is one of the main forces behind this new development. 
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Using violin, piano and cittern Dreamers’ Circus display talent, remarkable technical skill and bold artistic vision. They are focused and disarmingly straightforward in their determination to bring new Nordic music to a wide international audience and with their plans for the next year, they just might achieve that goal. A band for which folk music is the point of departure, but where genre is neither a driving or a limiting force. A band that respects the folk music tradition enough to know that it is not a straitjacket. It is this attitude that have brought the band to places as diverse as Sydney Opera House and Roskilde Festival, showcases on both Womex and Classical:NEXT, and five Danish Music Awards for their two albums released in 2013 and 2015.

Frequently performing at chamber music venues and festivals, sometimes in collaboration with The Danish String Quartet, chamber ensembles or symphony orchestras, Dreamers’ Circus finds the world between Nordic folk and chamber/symphonic music especially compelling to explore. In 2017 they are re-invited for a project with Copenhagen Phil. 

Dreamers’ Circus are: Nikolaj Busk (DK) on piano and accordion, Ale Carr (SWE) on nordic cittern and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen (DK) on violin.

”The essence of their music is a clarity - and often simplicity - of ideas that they develop with virtuosity, deep feeling, marvellous strength of character, and a fantastic collective ear for arrangement and texture.”
- The Herald