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Lisa UllÚn

Internationally touring jazz and improvisation pianist
Lisa UllÚn is one of the key artists on the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene with several projects and constellations. Lisa has many international collaborations, and has been touring in Europe and the USA. Her latest and long awaited solo album Catachresis was released in May 2011 (NUSCOPE recordings, US). She will be artist in residence at the Vancouver Jazz Festival during the summer of 2014.
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Lisa UllÚn, pianist and composer. Born 1964 in Seoul Korea, grew up in the north of Sweden, now based in Stockholm. Graduated in 1990 from the Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm. Studies in jazz and improvisation at Chapel Hill NC USA. Electro-acoustic music at EMS (Electro Acoustic Studio of Sweden).

The musicians of Lisa UllÚn Quartet have their musical roots in jazz, punk, chamber music and blues but come together in what might modestly be called modern acoustic improvisational music. An impressively keen ear is paired with astounding musicianship, where each single note played is as important as the linear totality. A new generation of Swedish musicians expand the concept of free jazz, giving space to beat and melody as well. All the members of the group are well established on the Swedish jazz and improvisation scene.