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Lisa Ullén

Internationally touring jazz and improvisation pianist
Lisa Ullén has for several decades been one of Sweden's most significant pianists in the free jazz and improvisational music, with over 15 records in her own name. In 2018 she released her triple cd box Piano Works and the piece Sekvenser och Lager with Motståndsorkestern on Ep Vinyl. Lisa has many international collaborations, and has been touring in Europe, Japan, Canada and USA. 
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Lisa Ullén, pianist and composer. Born 1964 Seoul Korea, grew up in the north of Sweden, now based in Stockholm. Graduated in 1990 from the Royal Academy of Music, Stockhol. She also studied jazz and improvisation at Chapel Hill NC USA and electro-acoustic music at EMS (Electro Acoustic Studio of Sweden) and Performativ Criticism at Royal Institute of Art. 

Among her commissioned works are intermedia project Kyrillien, chamber manga opera Ninjutsu and musical drama play Now time is waiting. She has been supported and rewarded by the Swedish Arts Council, the Society of Swedish Composers, Swedish Arts Grant and the Royal Music Academy. 

Cooperation with musicians, groups/composers among others : Charlotte Hug, Okkyung Lee, Hear Here, Lisa Ullén Quartet, Nuiversum, Lina Nyberg, Maggie Nicols, Dominic Lash, John Edwards, Anghard Davies, Festen, Ryoko Akama, Anna Högberg Attack, Anna Lindal, Anna Petrini, Torsten Muller,Mishiyo Yagi, Gavin Bryars, Michael Zerang, Mark Sanders, John Russell,Dave Smith, Phil Minton, Dominic Lash, Tisha Mukarji, Lisa Dillan.