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photo: Miki Anagrius

Nils Berg Cinemascope

YouTube meets jazz meets the world
Nils Berg has been dubbed ”the Swedish Fellini”. His band, Cinemascope, includes a shy Japanese lady and her flute, giggling teenagers from Brunei, and an Indian dance group with rock hard feet. How is this possible? Through a groundbreaking idea, and a projector on stage. 
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In constant forward motion, swedish sax player and composer Nils Berg, together with bassist Josef Kallerdahl and drummer Christopher Cantillo, is no less than defining contemporary. By basing their repertoire on and around YouTube clips from all over the world, melting together continents and cultures, they create an Esperanto of our time.

The band has been on tour with their unique idea and their projector since the debut in 2011, playing festivals and clubs in Europe, Asia and Africa. During the summer of 2015, they premiered Canada and the U.S. with concerts at, among others, the Vancouver Jazzfest, Rochester International Jazz Festival and Ottawa Jazz Festival. The winter will see 70 concerts at norwegian junior high schools in co-operation with Rikskonsertene Norway.

DOWNBEAT "Berg transcends conceptual cleverness; the tunes and the performances would be fantastic even without the video cameos." 
DN "Jazz meets dance meets electronica meets chanson. Almost painfully creative!" 
SVD "...a pioneer, perhaps the best that happened in Swedish jazz the last years." 
ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE "A mere gimmick? Oh no! The music of this Swedish Fellini is both mysterious and irresistible" 

Nils Berg: Video, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Bass Clarinet
Christopher Cantillo: Drums
Josef Kallerdahl: Electric Bass and Double Bass