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Sofia Jernberg

"a rare, highly intelligent bird"
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”Swedish vocalist Sofia Jernberg has already leaped over a hurdle that still leaves many in the avant-garde baffled (or not bothering to leap at all): making difficult music sound pretty. Jernberg picks out gleaming melody in the roughage of both atonal composition and free improvisation, and that makes her a rare, highly intelligent bird.”
- Matthew Lurie, Time Out Chicago
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Sofia Jernberg, singer and composer has had a tremendous career and works in improvisation, jazz and contemporary music. She has won numerous awards, among them Jazzkatten, (Radio Swedens prestigeous jazz-award) twice and the Grand Jazz Price of The Royal Academy of Music.

"...it is the singing that is most impressive. Jernberg's vocal agility is sweeping, analogous, conceivably, to the range of sounds that Wadada Leo Smith can generate with the trumpet. She is a phenomenon that merits attention."
- Karl Ackermann, All About Jazz