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Soil Collectors

Three bold improvisers between improvisations, pop composition and electronics
Soil Collectors mix their musical language between Scandinavian choral tradition and American Native Indian music. A deep dive down to the music's roots where voice and percussion elicits a primal force that hits straight to the heart of the listener.
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This 3 years young trio from Gothenburg in Sweden has already released their first album "Onata Onawa" and performed and toured at venues around the world like Canada, USA, Germany, Switzerland and France. Their success has resulted in form of concerts at important venues and festivals like “12 points Jazz festival”-Dublin, “Umea° Jazz Festival”, “Gothenburg Film Festival” and at Gothenburg’s biggest jazz venue “Nefertiti”.  

Soil Collectors has a strong direction trying to expand, develop and experiment with what they can create together with other art forms.

“Foreign Soil” - Short Film
Last September Soil Collectors started to shoot “Foreign Soil”, a short film telling the story of 3 foreign souls who visits earth and how they are being rejected by the four element, water, fire, wind and soil. The film music is a mix of all the songs from their debut album; -being played backwards, forwards and upside-down. The film was released in april 2014.

“Dopet” – Performance
At the Swedish music and art festival “Sta¨llbergs Gruva” they performed the piece “Dopet” (the baptism). They painted them self’s on their bodies and clothes during the performance/concert and ended by slowly dragging of their gowns, walking color-naked though out the audience.

Hannah Tolf – voice / pedals / percussion
Isabel Sörling - voice / pedals / percussion
Jonathan Albrektson – percussion/synth