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Arabic music from Sweden
Tarabband is lead by the charismatic Egyptian Iraqi singer and Saz player Nadin Al khalidi. Together with five skilled musicians from Sweden and France she creates original compositions based on the Arabic music heritage, strongly influenced by Persian, Jazz, Latin & Folk music. Nadin's Arabic lyrics are reflections on her own experience of war, exile, love and a new birth. Nadin was awarded “Tradition bearer of the year” 2014 at Swedish World Music awards, and Tarabband "Group of the year" 2017.
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Tarabband, a word game on Tarab and Band, is a six- member group founded in 2008 by Iraqi Egyptian Nadin Al khalidi and Swedish Gabriel Hermansson in Malmo¨, Sweden. A cross-cultural musical experience resonating tarab; the universal feeling when emotions and music become one.

Tarabband’s music takes off from Malmo¨, travels via Paris and the Mediterranean to Cairo and Baghdad creating the band’s original compositions and sound.

The group’s front figure and vocalist Nadin Al khalidi fled from Iraq in 2001 arriving to Sweden as a refugee. Her lyrics merge political and social topics along with questions around identity, survival and love; always striving for peace and tolerance between the different cultures. Weaving the personal element into the songs allows Nadin to share stories and her stories of war: “Some people and stories we never hear of. The least we could do is share their stories.

It also paves the way to Tarabband’s Arabic young audience to relate and connect with Nadin’s lyrics in a way that is relevant with the current challenges young people are facing in the Middle East. Whether it’s Iraqi, Egyptian, or Swedish, Nadin celebrates her triple identity, a mix that is culturally rich.

TARABBAND's album "Ashofak Baden" was released in Mars 2016 in Sweden, carrying stories from the depth of the Mediterranean sea where thousands of refugees began and ended their "journey of survival"
Members: Nadin Al khalidi – Lead Vocals, Saz, Banjo, Guitar Gabriel Hermansson – Oud, Guitar, Vocals Romain Coutama – Bass, Gimbri,Vocals Filip Runesson – Violin  – Amar Chaoui/Fredrik Gille/ Valter Kinbom– alternating on Percussion 

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