London premiere of Hear Here at Cafe OTO March 7-8 2015

— Swedish free improv in London, Tokyo, New York

In April 2014, five top Swedish improv musicians teamed up for a unique project in collaboration with the Swedish Network of musicians Musikcentrum Öst. The concept — to form a Swedish improv road show, festival and happening for touch down in three selected cities — attracted both presenters and funders. March 7 &8 we premiered in London. Next to come isTokyo and NYC!

Hear Here! is Lisa Ullén — piano, Sofia Jernberg — voice, Nina de Heney — double bass, Ida Lundén — live electronics and objects and David Stackenäs — guitar. In a continuous changing set up, each concert will be a totally improvised experience for both Hear here! and local invited musicians as a part of the project. Be there!

The project is filmed in Super-8 by the award winning Swedish filmmaker Mårten Nilsson and recorded for album release by Sigge Krantz. The poster of the project is made by the internationally recognized Swedish artist Jockum Nordström together with the acclaimed art director Johan Melbi.