KEYCHANGE - artists & creative industry selectected

A collective gathering of forces by non profit organisations and showcase festivals in six countries (UK, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Iceland and Spain) to increase equality in the music business. Keychange is inspired by the brave female forerunners, challenging male power structures and forming their own career and artistical expression.

Female artist and music creators

Mondy, September 25 will the selected artists for keychange be published on this site. The artists will showcase at the festivals in the projet and network/gather with other artists and key persons from the 6 countries.

Female innovator in the music industry

We will also publish the 5 selected Swedish female innovators in the music industry. They take part so called creative labs, workshops and get opportunity to interact with the larger network.

If you have questions about Keychange, or if you'd like to get in touch with the artists or other participants. Please mail Ragnar Berthling at Musikcentrum Sweden (

Keychange has three major purposes:

* to put a strong searchlight on female artists with great potential and originality and to make them take important steps in their career during the project, AND to bring good exposure for the artists from the industry.
* to create a strong international network of female artists and innovators, future leaders and key persons.
* to move initiative and power towards equality, and to break excluding economical and social structures in the music industry.

There will be a total of 60 artists and key persons from the six participating countries in Keychange.

Keychange starts in the fall of 2017 and takes place all of 2018. Festivals in the project is Reeperbahn (GER), The Great Escape (UK), Way out West (SE), BIME (SP), Tallin Music Week (EST), Iceland Airwaves (ICE) and MUTEK (CA). The project is led byt the festivals in each country apart from UK where PRS for Music Foundation is leading the project (as well as beeing the lead Keychange partner) and Sweden where Musikcentrum Sweden is project manager with associate partners Way out West, the tech company Auddly and Export Music Sweden. Keychange will during the project reacha out for collaborations with all partners working for gender equality in the music industry. The core part of the project is funded by Creative Europe together with national funds and sponsors such as STEF and Spotify. The Swedish part of Keychange has been funded by Musikverket and Kulturbryggan.