Act Now for Ukraine!

It's not here we express our disgust for Putin's criminal assault on democratic Ukraine. We let this space be a collection of resources on how YOU can act to support the acute needs of the Ukranian people, inside or outside the country.  This is a call o everyone in our network. Whether you are an artist, music organization, individual or a venue, you can always do something, but please act now!  In English for maximum outreach. If you have info on concrete initiatives in Sweden or elsewhere that we should post here or in social media, please let us know, send a mail to info(at) This is not a part of our every day work of supporting music, we're just trying to use our platform any way we can in these dark days.


The best and fastest thing you can do is to donate to the organizations working  towards direct help to Ukraine.
UNICEF - donate now to protect children in Ukraine: 
UNHCR Sweden / Swish: - donate now to protect refugee families
UNCCR International: - donate now to protect refugee families
Ukranian Red Cross: - humanitarian work, from aiding refugees to training doctors.
Global Citizen: - listing a large number of specialized aid to Ukrain

Open your home, interact locally, start a residency!

Millions of refugees are in, or on the way to, countries all over the world. Often with traumas, physical or mental injuries. We can do things in our countries. From collecting clothes, toys, hygiene articles to support them, invite them to concerts, to hang-outs. Check out any initiatives around you in the civil society. It could be your local sports club, church, any membership organizations, but also volunteer groups dedicated to help refugees. A few examples below.

NB! There is also a fast rising need for housing. Do you have a space, room, spare house? Check out how the coordination works in your country. In Sweden coordination goes through Migrationsverket. 

Musikcentrum Öst is part of the SWAN network (under Artist at Risk) and we are running a residency project in our office for Ukranian refugee artists. Mail us (kim[at] for more info. If you are an artist and want to apply, go to artist at risk (below).

More info MCÖ residency - resicency in Stockholm.
Refugees Welcome Stockholm -concrete actions to help out locally.
Migrationsverket: - coordinating people offering housing to refugees.
Rosa Stationen vid Telefonplan: - important Stockholm hub for social interaction.
Artist at Risk - global network for artist residencies where you can apply as an artists or offer, residency, or support the network. 

Make your voice heard!

The info-war from Russia is intense and we encourage you to share accurate information and news. We trust your judgement and ability to assess the source. But remember, how small action a post or sharing a link might seem. It is the community that makes the difference. Together we are strong. This is tragically manifested by the Ukranian people suffering from Putin's criminal war, but their determination remains unbroken and we must stand by their side and make our voices heard.

We encourage artists to speak out from your social platforms, when you perform, in your interviews with media.  You are masters of emotion. Use this to create awareness and engagement. 

We encourage venues, music organizations, music companies, festivals, labels, magazines etc to speak up, you can make a huge difference. Manifest your rage, protest against the war, share best practices and open your spaces to anti-war activities. Organize fund raising concerts or campaigns. Large music companies, consider how you can you can use you business strategies to take action against the war..

There are also many organized ways to protest. Here is a few:
Standwithukraine: - find your nearest organized peace protest
Amnesty  Sweden: sign your e-mail to protest and join as member.
Amnesty International: sign your e-mail to protest and join as member.
Global Citizen - protest aid: - get help to organize your own protest.