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photo Carolin Platzek

Anne Kalmering

Colourful, intimate with soul and heart.
Anne Kalmering, singer and actress from a Russian-Jewish family, performs Jewish songs from Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions as well as a modern repertoire. Her fascinating voice, warm, humorous, soulful interpretations and strong stage presence has made her one of the most popular performers of Jewish song in Scandinavia.
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Anne Kalmering cooperates with the most established musicians in the genre and has performed from schools to The Swedish Parliament, at festivals, concerthalls, TV, radio, etc. in Scandinavia, North America and Europe. 

She also leads the youthchoir Kum zing mit undz/Come sing with us, gives workshops in Jewish song, and is a driving force in the yearly festival 5 Folk in Stockholm. Anne is also a beloved radiovoice in the daily program Thoughts of the day – Swedish Radio, P1.

Anne concerts regularly with critically acclaimed Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic and have been guestsinger with different groups like Rebaroque, Hans Caldaras Hot Roma Band and Hayati Kafé.

Anne Kalmering & Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic just released the album Vayter, ”ahead, forward” in Yiddish, where they pass on Jewish folk songs and music in Yiddish and Ladino. Vayter is their debut album despite years of performances where they entertained and touched audiences on large and small scenes. The album shows the width of the klezmer music - Jewish folk music meets chamber music, theater and ghettosongs in suggestive and playful arrangements. The instrumentation is classic for its genre - song, violin, accordion and cello - but the expression multifaceted.

Anne Kalmering & Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic
In 1920 the grandfather of one of Sweden’s most apraised violinists, Semmy Stahlhammer, founded The Stahlhammer Ensemble in Poland. During the Holocaust all members were killed except one. Semmy grew up in Sweden to become one of Scandinavia’s leading violinists, and has brought this grandfathers old ensemble to life with new members: Isabel Blommé (cello) and Miriam Oldenburg (accordion).

"…Kalmering characterizes the songs with her warm, smoky voice. Sad, playful, strong." Dagens Nyheter (Swedens biggest daily paper)

"...archaic, sensual and very beautiful."
Lira (Swedish biggest folk and worldmusic magazine)