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David Stackenäs

Creating something different – not to mention memorable, with the world’s most popular instrument, the guitar, often seems as unlikely as winning the national lottery. Yet Swedish guitarist David Stackenäs has done so on this short, cunningly enigmatic disc.” Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly on the solo-album The guitar.
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David Stackenäs was born in 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden. After finishing his studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm he has grown to become one of the mainstays of improvised and creative music in Sweden.

Stackenäs works in the field of contemporary jazz and free improvised music. Over the years he has developed a unique way of playing guitar – both prepared with different materials as well as conventional technique and a growing armada of pedals. He creates music with great imagination and poetry. As a soloist he mainly focuses on acoustic guitars, using a lot of the organic sound possibilities and timbres the instrument has to offer.