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Bold, energetic and minimalistic compositions creates an utmost intense live experience
Farvel (previously Isabel Sörling Farvel) is by many described as one of the most important voices on the Scandinavian jazz scene. With their unconditional way of combining improvisation with composed music and lyrics - and within this way of working expanding forms in ways rarely heard before, they really stand out as ambassadors of the new jazz generation. Their latest album RÖK was released by Bugge Wesseltofts on Jazzland Recordings, the home of Atomic, Sidsel Endresen, Jon Balke and many more.
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Farvel started out in 2010 by winning the Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition and since then they've been rewarded with Swedish National Radio's prestigious prize: 'The Jazz Cat - Newcomer of the year 2012'. They've been broadcasted live in radio a countless of times and have been playing live throughout all of Europe. 

Isabel Sörling — voice
Kim Aksnes — trumpet
Otis Sandsjö — tenor saxophone, clarinet
Henrik Magnusson — piano
Alfred Lorinius — double bass
Carl-Johan Groth — drums 

In connection with the realease of their 2nd album Rök they recently toured Europe and the nordic countries.The band has also performed on well acclaimed festivals like 12 points(Dublin), By:Larm (Oslo), and Stockholm Jazz Festival 

Albums: Rök, Jazzland Recordings 2015 
Isabel sörling farvel debut album, Unit Records 2013

"An artist with amazing courage - plunging into the unknown, with her imagination and expression affecting every listener who has a heart. Her group’s utterly strong debut album takes Nordic jazz a step further with it’s exquisite blend of collective improvisation, tight arrangements and thoughtful lyrics " Motivation of the jury when receiving the Jazz cat 

"...A farewell to the safe and predictable, (...), that is how the music on this fine album is. Delicate and fragile so you have to listen carefully, with the start of something heavier and more solid, just to slowly dissolve.” Jan Strand, Orkesterjournalen