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foto: Oskar Wrangö

Hidden Mother

A contemporary music trio focused on scenic music
Classical/New music/EAM
Hidden Mother is a contemporary ensemble whose members combine high musical competence in their instrumental skills with an intelligent research for new formats and presentations in a rare-to-rind quality” Heiner Goebbels
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What distinguishes Hidden Mother from other groups in this genre is that they incorporate composers like Hanna Hartman, Lisa Streich and Esaisas Ja¨rnegard mixed with performance art by artists like Marina Abramovic and Rebecca Horn.

The members are all professional percussionists, but Hidden Mother is far from a traditional percussion ensemble. The instruments they use are often dirrerent sound objects and electronics.

Hidden Mother is: Ulrik Nilsson Magdalena Meitzner Pontus Langendorf

The trio is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Magdalena Meitzner is a composer as well as freelancing musician. Pontus Langendorf and Ulrik Nilsson are members of the internationally acclaimed Kroumata Percussion Ensemble.