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Jazz Alloy

Sweden & UK Music Mixer
Jazz Alloy is a unique collaboration between Swedish and UK musicians at the Vortex Jazz club. The series of totally 6 concerts is organised by Musikcentrum Öst/Sweden, the Vortex Jazz Club and Emilia Mårtensson in collaboration with The Embassy of Sweden, EFG London Jazz Festival and Svensk Jazz. Jazz Alloy is supported by Musikverket.

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The first series is six events and was launched at EFG London Jazz Festival November 18 2018 on a collaboration with the UK based Swedish vocalist Emilia Amper, her band (Adriano Adewale percussion, Luca Boscagin guitar  and Sam Lasserson double bass) and the harmonica maestro Filip Jers from Sweden.

In 2019 the line up is as follows.

January 28: Emilia Amper - vocals, nyckelharpa, Marque Gilmore - drums and Steve Williamson - saxophone.

February 25: Robert Ikiz  - drums, Rachael Cohen  - saxophone and Leo Lindberg - organ.

March 25: Lina Nyberg  - vocals, Laura Jurd - trumpet, James Banner - bass and Daniel Karlsson - piano.

April 29: Qarin WIkström - vocals and live electronics, Ruth Goller - bass, Francesca Ter-Berg -cello and Putte Johander - bass.

May 20: Kristin Amparo - vocals in collaboration with Matt Robinson - piano.

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