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Lamine Cissokho

Kora player, composer and arranger
Folk/WorldNordic Folk Alliance-19WOMEX -18
Lamine Cissokho is the descendant of a family of Mandingo griots from Senegal, a family of well-known musicians, whose traditions date back to the 14th century. Each member of the family helps preserving the family’s musical heritage by passing on his gifts and musical talents to the next generation. 
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Lamine laid his hands on the 22 strings of his kora from childhood, to never let the strings go again. Curious to expand his repertoire and his technique, Lamine chose to offer his musical career a broader perspective by moving from Senegal to Scandinavia, Sweden, in 2001. He settled in Dalarna, a region known for the richness of its folk music. He then discovered similarities between the traditional chords of kora and those of European instruments, and began a journey of musical cross-breeding. Starting from the pure traditional Mandingo melodies learned in Senegal, he slowly evolved towards folk and jazz music. 

Sharing the music and the stage, daring the dialogue between kora and unexpected instruments, bringing together styles and cultures, these are Lamine’s strengths, beyond his enormous scenic energy and his impressive technicality. As a result, he has opened his stage and his world to many other musicians over the years. 

Lamine composes and grows in the afro-jazz groove music and improvisations as a solo artist or with his trio. In solo, he can play a great number of instruments, from the most meditative to the most rhythmic and jazzy. He uses most often one of his two koras to play on a broader and varied musical range. In trio, Lamine is usually accompanied by a double bass player and a guitarist. Three “elastic” musicians who are not afraid of Lamine’s challenges and improvisations 

Past gigs: Africajarc/France, International Guitar
Festival/Danmark, Festival Formes et Musique du Monde/Sénégal, Linköping Folk Music Festival/Sweden, Bakota/Austria, International Harp Festival/Scottland, etc. 

2011 Pakao 
2015 Sama Tilo 
2017 “Kora +1” Lamine plays his kora with a new instrument on each piece, creating new eclectic duos. He meets an accordion, an electric piano, a double bass, a keyboard, drums and another kora.