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photo Miki Anagrius

Lina Nyberg

One of Sweden’s most creative and innovative jazz singers
Jazz à Vienne -19Jazz/ImprovJH-21Reeperbahn Fest 2019
Lina Nyberg is one of Sweden’s most creative and innovative jazz singers. For about 20 years she has been attracting consistent and widespread attention, starting with the debut in 1993 with the duo CD Close together with late pianist Esbjörn Svensson until the release of her 20th album The Night and the Music with Daniel Karlsson 2021.
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In 2019 she went touring during summer with her band in Lebanon, Egypt, Amman and Sweden in a special project with Lebanese singer Tania Saleh, Egyptian violinist Nancy Mounir and portuguese trumpet player Susana Santos Silva. 

Lina Nyberg Band – intuitive, brave and creative, has toured all over the globe and celebrates this year 10 years together as a band.

Lina Nyberg vocals, David Stackenäs guitar, Cecilia Persson piano, Josef Kallerdahl bass, Peter Danemo drums. 

In 2018 she started up her new duo collaboration together with the brilliant Swedish pianist Daniel Karlsson, and they had a very successful premiere in March at The Vortex in London (through the Jazzalloy-project initiated by Musikcentrum).

“Going from dramatic and cloudy to bright, Nyberg and her band seemed like extensions of one another, despite the music’s unpredictable idiosyncrasies.” Down Beat Magazine

“Masterful, imaginative and inspiring…” All About Jazz

“This work has a lot to offer, it is so rich in all it’s many parameters that it needs multiple listenings to grasp on the whole. In the end, we are entirely content” Jazz.pt 

“With her arresting delivery, moving, poetic songs and exquisite orchestral arrangements tempts us to listen very carefully.” Salt-Peanuts.eu

"Nyberg’s incredible command of the lyrics and music, and compelling musical vision make this ambitious storytelling project riveting." Down Beat Magazine