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Lisa Björänge Quintet

A jazz singer that pushes musical boundaries. With an adventurous group of musicians she plays her own music and presents ABBA tunes in jazz versions.
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April 2015, Lisa Björänge Quintet released their latest album BANG! (HOOB Records). Lisa Björänge is often presented as one of the most expressive jazz singers to come onto the scene over the last couple of years. The new album includes her own songs as well as intriguing arrangements of classic ABBA songs, presented by one of the most cohesive jazz groups out there. 

Lisa’s compositions are just as much about the lyrics and emotions as they are about creating a space where the musicians can be playful and creative.

Lisa Björänge – Voice Klas Toresson - Tenor Saxophone Fabian Kallerdahl – Piano Pär-Ola Landin - Double Bass Jon Fält - Drums

Behind the microphone, one of the most expressive of all the young jazz vocalists that have made an appearance on the jazz scene lately. Lisa Björänge dares to show herself from many sides. Tender at times, bold at others, composed when it is appropriate and damn intensive at other crucial moments. Her scat singing is high class and the collaboration with her band members is a joy to see and hear.” “OJ“ Leif Domnérus

Lisa Björänge sings and phrases with confidence, both in her improvisation and when she sings lyrics, often in the higher register of the scale. Sometimes theatrically expressive, regardless of whether it’s a fast or a slow tempo. All songs are sung and played with an unbelievable feeling.