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Nils Berg Cinemascope

Jazz meets YouTube meets the world
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Nils Berg Cinemascope is a unique live experience, built around a movie projector and three of Sweden’s most influential musicians.
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Through a groundbreaking idea, Berg’s compositions blend together with YouTube clips of musicians and singers from all over the world, creating a concert experience beyond the ordinary, where cultural borders, as well as the border between digital and acoustic technique is being erased; the live musicians seamlessly flowing in and out of the video performances projected behind the trio.

”The Fellini of Swedish jazz” was one of the first press words after the debut in 2009. To this day, the band has toured the US, Canada, Europe and Japan, released three records, two feature movies and recently the single The Missing Piece - featuring, among other, the exile pakistani musician Imran Mohammad, singing his heart out from a downtown Oslo apartment.

"Berg transcends conceptual cleverness; the tunes and the performances would be fantastic even without the video cameos." DOWNBEAT 

"Jazz meets dance meets electronica meets chanson. Almost painfully creative!" DN 
"...a pioneer, perhaps the best that happened in Swedish jazz the last years." SVD

 "A mere gimmick? Oh no! The music of this Swedish Fellini is both mysterious and irresistible" ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

Nils Berg: video, tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
Christopher Cantillo: drums
Josef Kallerdahl: electric bass and double bass