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Oddjob is an acclaimed swedish jazzorchestra which has released 9 albums, all of which have recieved praise in both swedish and international press. Many of their albums have been nominated for the swedish grammy awards and they won several, a o for Jazzoo – ”Best Childrens Album of the year 2013” and for Folk – ”Best Jazz Album 2015”. Oddjobs latest album was released december 2016: Oddjob Plays Weather Report.
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Oddjob released their first three albums on the classic label Amigo Music and in connection with Amigos 50th anniversary, the band were asked to release an EP. Oddjob decided to realize their idea of interpreting and paying homage to one of their household gods, the legendary jazz fusion band Weather Report, and the result was the album Oddjob Plays Weather Report. It consists of songs from Weather Report that are not the most obvious hits, but rather the ones that they felt both challenged them and interacted with the sound and groove of Oddjob the most. The music is from Weather Report’s perhaps most creative period in 1974-1978 which includes the albums Mysterious Traveller, Tale Spinnin', Black Market, Heavy Weather, and Mr. Gone.

Jazzoo is Oddjobs visual jazzconcert for children; a collection of musical stories about different animals accompanied by illustrations by british artist Ben Javens from Oddjobs grammy-awarded album/book Jazzoo.This unique performance, which is thouroughly enjoyable for parents as well, is an interactive experience where animations of the animals are projected on a screen behind the band. It is a playful, exciting, and imaginative journey where neither the musicians, the children, nor the animals know how its going to end. Will the porcupine make it across the road? And will the little fish be eaten by the big shark?

Peter Forss - Acoustic bass , Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson - alto sax, bass clarinet, alto-flute, electric saxophone , Daniel Karlsson - keyboard Goran Kajfes - trumpet, electric trumpet and modular synthesizers, Janne Robertson - drums, percussion