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Örjan Hultén Orion

”This is powerful, positive, uplifting music of the highest order”
Orion is an extraordinary band with the ability to combine various of musical styles in a concept of modern jazz. In his compositions Örjan Hultén moves effortlessly across boundaries and musical genres. Here and there Middle eastern and Balkan traits can be heard while one can distinguish traces from Wayne Shorter or Joni Mitchell in other parts. Örjan Hultén’s Orion is featuring four of Sweden’s top musicians, each of them a well-known and celebrated musicians/bandleader in his own right.
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New album release Minusgrader in january 2019 and celebrating 10 years with touring in UK and USA. 

Concert review
Extract from review by Chris Baber from the tour in UK 2017:
"Anyone who is still labouring under the misapprehension that there is a single, homogeneous genre of "scandijazz", and that it is dark and brooding, really must get to an Orion gig. This is powerful, positive, uplifting music of the highest order. Of all the various musical styles that jazz employs, the use of major chords in 5/4 time is a core aspect of the style of bop of which this group are masters. What they also bring is a strong Balkan flavour in some of their tunes that gives their sound a uniqueness and freshness. ...
... If you have friends or loved ones who are not sure if they like jazz, take them to an Orion gig to show them what great jazz could sound like. If you have friends and loved ones who like jazz, take them to an Orion gig so they can hear what great jazz does sound like." Read the whole review here: 

Örjan Hultén – saxophones Torbjörn Gulz – piano Filip Augustson – bass Peter Danemo – drums .