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photo: David Möller

Sousou & Maher Cissoko

Folk/WorldNordic Folk Alliance-19WOMEX-2019
Sousou & Maher Cissoko - from Sweden and Senegal - are one of Sweden's most loved world music acts. They've toured in Canada, USA, Africa, Asia and Europe, Swedish TV and radio have made documentaries about the group, they've performed at the prestigious Polar Music Prize and supported one of Sweden's biggest pop artists, Laleh, on her Summer 2017 tour. They've collaborated with hip hop artists like Timbuktu and Kapten Ro¨d among others.
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Sousou and Maher both grew up in families of musicians and it was the interest and love for the West African kora (a harp lute) that brought them together. An important guideline for the troubadour culture - which the kora is a part of - is the preservation of the musical heritage through its musicians’ continuous search for new ways. In Sousou & Maher Cissoko’s case that means magnificent kora playing and soulful singing combined with a rhythmic energy and influences from reggae, mbalax, folk, soul and jazz.

Following the heritage of the Cissoko family of West African griots, the songs deliver an important message of coming together and creating links instead of boundaries between countries and people. This is emphasized by the duo singing in five different languages!

New album out early 2018
In february Sousou & Maher will release their fourth album ”Made Of Music”. The album is produced by Tina Maila in Venice Beach and composed in three countries: Sweden, USA & Senegal. 

Sousou & Maher are a pleasure to watch or listen to. Their music connects with people of all ages and backgrounds. Their music continues in the age-old griot tradition, communicating of a past, present and future world. /.../ Even when we don’t understand the words, we feel their love, their passion for Africa. Such is the power of great music; these sounds will stand the test of time. The more you listen, the more you enjoy - and the music just gets better and better…” Yusuf Mahmoud Director, Sautiza Busara festival