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photo Mai Nestor

Susanna Risberg

Brilliant, young composer & jazz-guitar virtuoso
Loke (aka Susanna) Risberg is one of the most prominent Swedish jazz musicians of their generation. The *strandberg Guitars endorsed, multiple award winning guitarist has career behind them that has been going on for two thirds of their 31 years long life, and collaborations with artists, labels and groups such as Nils Landgren, CAM Jazz, Svante Thuresson, Magnus Lindgren, Ellen Nisbeth and Bohuslän Big Band, and their solo projects has made Risberg a name to be remembered. In 2022 Risberg was selected as an awardee of New Music USA's prestigious program "Next Jazz Legacy", under the supervision of legendary drummer Terri Lyne Carrington.
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“Guitarist Susanna Risberg emerged on the scene as a singular musical talent… virtuosity with a directness of approach rare in contemporary players.” - Brian Morton, "Boiler Room" (CAM Jazz, 2021)

“The continually arresting playing on Vilddjur makes the case for Risberg as an original voice. Technically impressive and emotionally  persuasive, Risberg is above all an exciting guitarist who dares to plot her own course. With Viddjur, Risberg is truly worthy of inclusion in any discussion about important contemporary jazz guitarists.” - Ian Patterson, All About Jazz 

“The bandleader brings an expressive life and tonal depth to the clean, dark-leaning sound of the mainstream jazz guitar tradition with  nimble fingers and an agile creative force in her solos. Compositionally, Risberg taps into various subgenres but defies strict allegiance to any one style. Odd meters and beguiling melodic fragments abound, and song structures can take unexpected twists. ….. Her guitar sound might be traditional, in jazz terms, but her approach is awash in contemporary concepts, both cerebral and heartbased.”  - Josef Woodard, Downbeat Magazine 

”One of Sweden’s most interesting jazz guitarists.”  – Johannes Cornell, Dagens Nyheter 

Susanna Risberg Trio 2013
Utfall 2015
Vilddjur 2018
Boiler Room 2021