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A deliciously unexpected combination of hurdy-gurdy and accordion.
Folk/WorldNordic Folk Alliance-19WOMEX -18
Symbio is a Swedish duo formed by hurdy-gurdyplayer Johannes Geworkian Hellman and accordionist Lars Emil Öjeberget. The duo has been highly acclaimed for their unique sound, musical expression and close interaction on stage. In 2016 Symbio was awarded the prize "Newcomer of the Year" at the Swedish Folk & World Music  Awards.  Symbio´s debut album "Phoresy" was released in October 2016, and their second album Rising in October 2018.
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Symbio draws the listener in with their intoxicating combination of vast audio landscapes and earthy grooves, driven by a deliciously unexpected combination of hurdy-gurdy and accordion.

The music of Symbio has been described as original compositions where folk, minimalistic art music and electronic dance music meets and creates a cinematic experience for the listener. During concerts they perform with both seriousness and joy, telling personal and vivid stories about the music. The duo creates a playful dialogue full of joyful energy, subtleties and virtuosity, where two becomes more than the sum of its parts.