Keychange is an international campaign that take leaps towards gender equality in the music business. The project invests in emerging female talent whilst encouraging festivals to sign up to a 50:50 gender balance pledge by 2022.

Why Keychange?
Representation of women in the music industry remains very low in all European countries. Across the participating countries’ collecting societies, women represent 20% or less of registered composers and songwriters. Earnings for women are even lower and women are under-represented in leadership roles across the industry and on stages at festival programmes.

Featured artists and innovators
The participating countries have selected artists that are featuread in the Keychange festivals. Selected artists from Sweden are are Gnucci, IMAN, TMRW *, Pale Honey and VAZ. 

The project also includes female innovators and selected from Sweden are Malin Ingrid Johansson, Theodora Nordqvist, Anna Cristoffersson, Anna Ingler and Cecilia Vaz. Artists and innovators will be featured in the network and participate in creative labs, panel debates, internal meetings and workshops at the festivals throughout the project. A total of 30 artists and 30 innovators from the project's six countries are included.

Keychange goals
- Put spotlight on female artists with great potential and originality, giving them maximum exchange and maximum exposure in the industry during the project
- Give music festivals the opportunity to sign a plegde to have gender balance 50/50 on stage within five years
- Create a strong international network of female artists and innovators
- Move initiative and power positions and break free from excluding economic and social structures

Keychange in Sweden
Musikcentrum Sweden / Öst is one of the initiators of Keychange and leads the Swedish part of the project. Way Out West and STIM are also Swedish partners. 

If you have questions or want to get in touch with artists and innovators in Keychange, contact Ragnar Berthling at ragnar@musikcentrum.

Keychange started in the fall of 2017 and takes place all of 2018. Festivals in the project are Reeperbahn (GER), The Great Escape (UK), Way out West (SE), BIME (SP), Tallin Music Week (EST), Iceland Airwaves (ICE) and MUTEK (CA). 

During the project Keychange will reach out for collaborations with all partners working for gender equality in the music industry. The core part of the project is funded by Creative Europe together with national funds and sponsors such as STEF and Spotify. The Swedish part of Keychange has been funded by Musikverket, Kulturbryggan and STIM.