Musikcentrum Östs Ukrainian musicians’ residency in Stockholm

In collaboration with STIM - the Swedish collecting society - Musikcentrum Öst is offering residencies to Ukrainian artists and composers staying in Stockholm. Our aim with the residency is that the residents will be able to continue their careers and retain their professional identities. The residency is part of the Swedish Artists in Residency Network (SWAN).
What we offer:
- office space in the STIM building for quiet music work during office hours: access to screen, internet, printer, etc.
- contact person who helps with matching with relevant partners from our large professional network in the Swedish and international music industry. Support in finding gigs, assignments, collaborations, etc.
- Some studio time in professional studios and access to the Stim Music Room (a creative hub for music professionals)
- Presentation on our website
- Advice on financial issues in Sweden such as invoicing etc.
- A monthly artist’s grant depending on your income status
What we do not offer at the moment:
- Rehearsing spaces
- Accommodation
- Legal services

Genres where we have a strong network:
- Classical music
- Contemporary music
- Experimental music
- Jazz, folk music, world music
If you have questions or would like to apply, please contact Kim Vestin who is coordinating the residency: kim[at]

To formally apply for the residency, please visit Artists at Risk and say you wish to be placed in Sweden.